Core option available in four categaries:
1) Timber core  (Block Board Core )
2) Tubular Board
3) Honeycomb
4) Particle Board

 1)  Timber Core:   (Block Board Core )

     Timber core is  a traditional core and more  popular used as a core  material in Indian door industry. Timber core is very common filler used for many years likes; Mango, Pine, Meranti , Neem etc.These are the most conventional door cores that    have solid wood as a filler. Timber core is also known as  block board core. They are heavy in nature and are suitable for outdoor application. It is a unique feature as compare to other door , like; solid wood , borer free and powerful resistance.

Timber core

Timber Characteristics:

  • Long Time Stability & Durability   (Stronger core)   
  • Termite / Borer Resistance
  • Powerful Resistance


2) Tubular Board Filled Doors:

    Tubular board is a ideal core material used in door manufacturing. The structure of tubular board is based on the age old engineering principle of bridge arcs. It provide an ideal combination of light weight and stability. Compare with solid core the weight of these core has been reduced by up to 60%,which proves that high quality doors do not need to be heavy.


Tubular Board  

Tubular Board Characteristics

  • Light Weight ( Up to 60% Reduced as Compared to Solid Doors )
  • Eco Friendly
  • Powerful Resistance
  • Termite / Borer Resistance
  • Long Time Stability & Durability              
  • Heat preservation:  which is made of 40mm flake- board is equal to 300mm brick wall’s.


3) Honey Comb:

             “SANKALP”  introduces a new  concept of honey comb core doors. The honey comb as a core material has been very popularly used world wide since many years. Honey comb is made from treated recycled paper. The strength of honey comb comes from its hexagonal shape. Its high compressive and tensile strength undoubtedly makes it a unique, universal and reliable replacement for solid filling materials in the door making industry. Honeycomb doors are light weight internal doors and are useful for residential and office purposes mostly and high rise structures. It is also more economical than most material, there by making it an ideal choice. As a product made from recycled paper and eco-friendly glue, it is a boon to the earth as a 100 % bio-degradable, non polluting, eco-friendly material. Large scale usage of paper honey comb can drastically boost a country’s aim of preserving nature.                  

Honey comb Structure

Honey Comb  Doors Characteristics:     

  • Light Weight
  • Eco Friendly ( Recycle Paper )
  • High Qualititive Door
  • More  Economical
  • Flat and Dry Surface / Durable in extreme climate condition
  • Termite / Borer Resistance


4) Particle Board:

      Particle Board a new concept in Indian door industries and  these board very popular used as a core material. Particle board is used as core material because of such features like ; easy to use , low weight, borer free ,Flat Surface and Eco-friendly. It is a also known as a Ecolax board.     



  Particle Board Characteristics:

  • Light Weight (compare to timber core)
  • Eco Friendly
  • Flat surface on doors , compare to wooden core doors.
  • Termite / Borer Resistance